The Benefits of Visiting an Independent Dental Hygienist


Did you know that you do not have to visit a dental clinic to have your teeth cleaned? Contrary to what our society has been told for so long, it is completely up to you where and who provides your oral hygiene care.

Regulations enacted under Alberta’s health professionals act (effective November of 2006) allow registered dental hygienists to provide services in a variety of practice settings in addition to a dental office. These include independent dental hygiene clinics like Baseline Village Dental Hygiene.

Here are a few of the benefits of visiting an independent dental hygienist for your next cleaning…

Personalized Care, Information and Knowledge

Dental hygienists are primary oral health care professionals who recommend and provide preventive and therapeutic clinical care, education, and health promotion to help improve the oral health of our patients. At Baseline Village Dental Hygiene, all of our hygienists are graduates of accredited programs and have extensive experience when it comes to oral health.

Cost Effective

Without dental insurance, a standard exam and cleaning can be extremely expensive when you visit a dental office. At Baseline Village Dental Hygiene, the majority of our fees are 30 per cent to 70 per cent less than a dental office. If you do have dental insurance, our office provides direct billing to most major insurance companies so you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket.

“ We offer same quality of care, just in a different way and for a different price,” says Candice Boyce, Owner of Baseline Village Dental Hygiene. “I think, too, it’s all about having choice.”

Stress Free, Relaxing Environment

We understand that dental appointments aren’t always something you look forward to.We pride ourselves on offering a comfortable, relaxing environment for our patients.

Looking to overhaul your dental hygiene visits? Give us a call today at 780-570-4447 to book an appointment and experience the benefits of visiting an independent dental hygienist for yourself!

Alexandra CarnioComment