Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of seeing an independent dental hygienist?

  • Personalized care, information and knowledge

  • High quality of care

  • Minimal waiting time

  • Cost-effective

  • Convenient

  • Stress free, relaxing environment

How can a dental hygienist own and operate their own clinic?

Regulations enacted under Alberta’s health professionals act (effective November of 2006) allow registered dental hygienists to provide services in a variety of practice settings in addition to a dental office. These include
independent dental hygiene clinics like Baseline Village Dental Hygiene.


Will my dental insurance cover my cleaning?

We accept direct billing from most insurance companies. If you have concerns with coverage we can send a preauthorization prior to your treatment appointment.

Do I need permission from my dentist to have my dental hygiene done elsewhere?

It is completely up to you where and who provides your oral hygiene care. If your dentist has concerns we will be more then happy to send any records and consult on treatment.

How is my periodontal condition diagnosed?

We will do a complete dental hygiene exam including x-rays and periodontal probing to properly asses your condition. We believe in including the client in their treatment planning to help them achieve their oral hygiene goals.