Whitening Your Smile for Your Big Day

You’ve been dreaming about your big day for months, if not years, and how everything from your shoes to your dress, to the decorations, and all of your beautiful guests will contribute to this magical day. And yes, you’re probably smiling thinking about it now!

Let us be the first to say that your smile, unique and distinct just like you, is perfect the way it is (so long as it's healthy, we’re happy). That being said, maybe you want a little extra sparkle to help your confidence soar, and tooth whitening is a great plan of action. Here’s why you should consider a whitening treatment for your big day!


In-office tooth whitening is simple, quick, with a noticeable difference for a brighter smile. You’re going to be beaming all day long no matter what, so why not go that extra step and make it truly sparkle? When we feel confident about our teeth, we can’t help but smile more. 

We’ve all tried at home whitening kits with mediocre results. Nothing against Whitestrips, but they’re straight up uncomfortable and high maintenance. Getting your teeth whitened professionally, you can be certain you’ll receive bright, white results for the best price, and your gums and wallet will stay happy!

We know you’re busy, trying to perfect everything, and we know planning isn’t always the most stress-free experience. Let us take whitening off your plate with an in-office treatment that’s quick and effective. You can see results right away, without having to deal with those awkward strips in your mouth.

Your smile is one of the most important accessories for elegance, elevating your look one step further to compliment your wedding/graduation day glow. Show your teeth the same love and admiration you deserve. This is YOUR day, and consequently, it’s your smile’s day too!

Checking in with a professional, we can get to the root of the problem that’s making your teeth dull. We’ll explore the discolouration, whether it be surface stains or a different affliction, and apply the most appropriate strategy for the condition of your teeth to get the best results possible. 

We recommend scheduling your appointment early to give you (and your smile) some time to adjust, just in case you do experience some temporary sensitivity. Don’t forget though, that the most important supplement to whitening treatments is your at-home routine. Stay consistent with your brushing and flossing regimen so that whitening will have the greatest impact. Schedule your treatment with us today. Call 780-570-4447 to book!